Get an Original Tommy's Hamburgers 70-Cent Meal Deal on Its Anniversary Sunday

In honor of the Original Tommy’s Hamburgers "shack" going up 70 years ago, the burger stand is offering a chiliburger and soda for 70 cents on Sunday.

The iconic burger joint established in 1946 by Tommy Koulax was offering the deal at its original spot at 2575 Beverly Boulevard from noon until midnight.

Tommy’s got the party going with live entertainment and prizes to celebrate its success over the years as a SoCal landmark.

Heads-up: lines were looking long, so make sure you aren't starving when you arrive. Some waited for hours to get their beloved beef.

The deal was only available at the location at the intersection of Beverly and Rampart boulevards, the burger place stressed, and orders were limited to five per person.

"A Tommy burger is a special burger and it is because Tom Koulax had the idea of putting an all-beef chili on top of his hamburger which makes it extra special, something you can’t get anywhere else but Tommy’s," Brent Maire, the president and general manager, said.

The chain has 32 locations across California and Nevada.

The burger place expected to sell 14,000 burgers by day's end. 

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