Southern California

Mom Whose Car Was Stolen Gets Early Christmas Gift

A Southern California mother whose car was stolen and never found got an early Christmas present when a tow company joined deputies for a parking lot surprise.

Air Expressway Towing company had a used car they wanted to give away to someone who needed it. They called the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department Victorville Station, and deputies thumbed through their records to find someone who qualified.

Deputies arranged a meet-and-greet with America Delacruz in a parking lot with the help of her boss and family.

"Yeah, you're vehicle was stolen," one deputy said to Delacruz, whose car was stolen in October. "We didn't find it did we?"

She answered, "No not yet."

Next thing she knew, she had car keys in her hand.

"Here's your new car," a deputy said as he handed her the keys. Delacruz looked around confused, and smiled. "We wanted to give you a car this holiday season. Merry Christmas."

"You guys are kidding me!" she said. "There's still good people out there."

"I'll be able to look into going back to school because I have a car now to get to and from school," Delacruz said. "That'll benefit my son as well, me and my son."

Delacruz also got $300 in service cash to keep the car in good shape.

"I'm just going to keep on saying that God is good," she said. "He'll provide."

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