Traces of Metals Found in Some Porter Ranch Homes

Just weeks after a monthslong methane gas leak was capped, some residents learned traces of metals were found inside their Porter Ranch homes, raising new health concerns.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health revealed findings from tests at a closed-door meeting Thursday.

Members from the Porter Ranch Community Advisory Committee told NBC4 the summary revealed a pattern of metals, including barium, after tests were conducted on 100 homes.

"There's going to have to be some sort of ongoing testing to help us determine what is making our families sick, and what is putting them at risk," said Paula Cracium, who chairs the Porter Ranch Community Advisory Committee.

While officials told community members new findings could perhaps have caused the headaches, nausea and nosebleeds some are still experiencing, they said the presence of metals do not pose a risk of long-term health problems.

Still, Assemblyman Mike Gatto said the new findings underscores the need for some relief for residents and "some real reforms."

"The presence of radioactive metals in the residue found in Porter Ranch homes is a small vindication for the families who have been suffering with symptoms caused by the emissions," Gatto said. 

Residents were told their homes would likely have to be cleaned once again and health officials would continue to monitor for metals.

The Aliso Canyon gas leak was discovered Oct. 23. It was unofficially capped on Feb. 11, when a relief well intercepted the leaking one. The leak was declared sealed one week later after crews pumped cement through the relief well, cutting off the flow of gas.

As of May 9, about 2,800 households have not returned to their homes in the Porter Ranch area.

The full study is expected to be released Friday.

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