Trash Truck Drives Through Hollywood on Fire, Reminiscent of Start of Saddlewood Fire

A trash truck in Hollywood was completely ablaze Saturday, reminiscent of the scene that caused the deadly Sandalwood Fire that destroyed 76 homes and killed two women.

But thankfully, the winds were calm on this weekend day.

Drivers on Highland Avenue and Melrose Avenue in the heart of Hollywood could not believe what they were seeing.

"That trash can is on fire," one witness said in disbelief.

The trash truck was almost fully engulfed in flames, and its occupants were apparently unaware of the fire and the danger. The driver and passenger finally realized the truck was on fire and pulled over in front of Bobby Shamuilian's home in Hancock Park.

"We start hearing some pops," Shamuilian said. "We could definitely feel the heat radiating from this truck."

Shamuilian was thankful Saturday wasn't a windy day.

This fire nearly spread to some nearby trees, but the driver moved the truck and called for help.

"The Los Angeles Fire Department did get here pretty quickly, Shamuilian said. "Thank God everything worked out. It could have been pretty serious."

Its not clear how the fire started and the company that owns the truck, 1-800-Got-Junk, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

About a month ago, a burning trash truck started the Sandalwood Fire that destroyed 76 homes and killed two women. 

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