Tujunga Little Leaguers Get Their Stolen Field Back

Replacing turf would have cost league all its revenue

Tujunga Little League players will soon be able to slide into home plate again, thanks to a company that donated a replacement after their field's artificial turf was stolen in November.

The owners of Artificial Grass Liquidators, a turf installation company, heard about the story of the stolen grass and decided to do something about it.

Crews installed the turf Tuesday using fake grass taken from a college baseball field. The league will also get a year worth of turf maintenance and cleaning.

"We were just in a position where we were able to help because that’s what we do," said Sheri Nolan, a spokeswoman for AGL. "It’s really just about the kids and them getting their field back."

The field is designed for players ages 4 to 6.

"They're excited that they have their field back," said Bill Mayes, president of the league. 

While rainy weather postponed installation and activities last week, the grand reopening is scheduled at the T-ball field on Wednesday.

Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Dee Gordon was expected to make an appearance.

The stolen turf was worth up to $3,000. The cost of replacing it would have taken as much revenue as the league takes in for an entire season.

Police say there are no new developments in the investigation.

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