Two Arrested After Violent, Bloody Fight on Bus

Passengers on an Orange Line bus on its way to North Hollywood were caught on camera in a violent fistfight that ended in arrests Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses said the bloody altercation started with unwelcome small talk and that alcohol was a factor.

"Two gentlemen sitting in back, one was obviously intoxicated. White wine, you could even smell it,” said Orlando Romero. “Being obnoxious, being out loud.”

Romero said the fight was two on three, with a standing-room-only crowd of bus riders watching.

"The guy who was getting beat up, he walked by the door. That's when he pulled out his knife. That's when they restrained him," Romero said.

Passengers were seen on video taking the man’s knife.

Sheriff’s transit division confirmed it is in possession of the knife and that two men were arrested.

Romero said the fight didn’t turn him off to riding the bus, though.

"I feel safe. It's part of riding public transportation. All type of people, all type of different energy. You don't know who you're going to interact. Gotta have self control of yourself."

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