Mudflow in Camarillo Springs Spurs Evacuations

They were trapped due to mudflow caused by heavy rainfall overnight, Mike Lindbury of Ventura County Fire Department said.

An elderly couple had to be taken from their home due to mudflow in Camarillo Springs, Southern California, early Friday.

They had refused to leave, despite mudflow caused by heavy rainfall overnight, but were escorted out for their own safety, Ventura County Sheriff's Department said.

There are no people stuck, but there are some residents still refusing to leave. In total 124 hines were asked to evacuate by authorities, however some hedl firm despite the warnings.

Mud piled so high at some homes it had reached the second story level, making back doors impossible to open.

The same area had been hit by mudflows due to heavy rainfall earlier this month.

Ventura County Sheriff's Department is setting up command post at 6358 Irena Avenue to deal with the incident.

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