UCLA Fraternity's Derogatory Notes From 2013 Emerge

Outrage was building Monday after notes emerged from a 2013 Pi Kappa Phi fraternity chapter meeting at UCLA showing derogatory statements about woman and minorities.

Some students were calling for fraternities and sororities to be stripped of what they call their "privileged" status.

Former student government representative Aaliya Khan said she was shocked to see the documents.

"They were extremely racist, they were extremely offensive, especially since they were targeted toward communities of color on campus," Khan said.

Even though the comments are two years old, Khan and her friends said they show racism is still a problem on campus, especially at fraternities and sororities.

Last fall, African American students criticized UCLA's Sigma Phi Epsilon for throwing a Kanye West-themed party that some say mocked black culture.

Taking into account a controversy out of the University of Oklahoma where members were caught on

They're calling for more education in the Greek system and the UCLA campus.

Pi kappa phi and UCLA issued statements about the incident.

"Pi Kappa Phi is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion that promotes respect for the identities and backgrounds of all people," the fraternity said.

"UCLA is greatly concerned by these serious and disturbing allegations and has undertaken a thorough review of the fraternity's 2013 meeting minutes for potential violations of the student conduct code," the university said in a statement.

But some students say statements against racism aren't enough. UCLA shows favoritism, they say, simply by having an office of fraternity and sorority relations — something no other group has.

"These specific students, namely white wealthy students, are privileged by the university," Arem Ghoogasian said.

UCLA's inter-fraternity council says racism will not be tolerated. It's still unclear though if any action will be taken by the national fraternity or the university.

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