UCLA Professor Fired After Sexual Harassment Claims Made Against Him

A UCLA professor accused of sexual harassment has lost his job with the university and any chance of future employment with the University of California under a settlement announced this week, it was reported Thursday.

History professor Gabriel Piterberg made unwelcome sexual comments and contact "including an open-mouth kiss" to a person or persons in 2008 and between 2009 and 2013, a UCLA Title IX investigation has found, according to the Los Angeles Times. UCLA did not disclose the number or names of the complainants.

Piterberg disputes the findings but agreed to leave UCLA and forgo any emeritus status, future employment in the UC system, office space or other privileges under the settlement, The Times reported.

A UCLA statement said the university "remains firmly committed to increasing transparency on the issues of sexual harassment and sexual violence." A university spokesman declined to provide further details.

Piterberg's ouster followed years of legal tussling.

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