UFO Conference Discusses All Things Extraterrestrial

The Renaissance Resort and Spa is hosting the world's largest UFO conference, "Contact in the Desert," for the 7th year from now until June 3 in Indian Wells.

The panels will touch on various topics in ufology such as the latest developments in UFO studies, government disclosure, ancient civilizations, crop circles, and more.

For those interested in all things extraterrestrial, the conference includes panel discussions, workshops, film screenings, speaker meet & greets, night sky gazing, and tours of the area's historic UFO sites.

Some of the hot topics that will be discussed at 'Contact in the Desert' will include the controversial interstellar object Oumuamua, which was analyzed by the Astrophysics Department at Harvard University; the Department of Defense Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, discoveries in geothermal caverns in Antarctica; and a panel on History Channel's new hit series, Project Blue Book.

The conference will have over 50 speakers, with new ones added this year, as part of their lineup.

For more information on prices and tickets see their offical website

The Renaissance Resort & Spa is located at 44400 Indian Wells Lane.

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