Unprepared SoCal Residents Rush Out to Buy Clothes, Essentials as Cold Snap Hits

Unprepared SoCal residents rushed to stores to purchase clothes and other essentials as the first cold snap of the winter hit Tuesday.

Many were forced wear shorts and sweatshirts for their shopping excursions as temperatures hit near record lows.

James Allen of Palmdale was one of those who discovered his wardrobe was not up to the task of keeping him warm this winter, with the current storm casuing temperatures to plunge.

"It’s freezing, very cold, very cold. I don't even have a jacket so two sweaters, but I need to go buy a jacket," Allen said.

Marissa Schultz had travelled home to Palmdale from San Diego to see in the New Year, and as soon as arrived headed to Target with her family to buy a new jacket

"I brought two sweatshirts with me and went, that's not going to work, it’s too cold." Schultz said, "It was a lot colder than I expected it to be, so I was like 'ahhhh,I need a jacket."

The storm, which has come in from Canada, has brought near record lows, widespread snow and caused temperatures in the Antelope Valley will be dipping down into the 20's overnight.

Sylvia Mendoza made an emergency visit to Home Depot  buying a heater for her home in Littlerock. 

"It’s kind of hard to keep the kids warm, we have grandkids and they come and visit. It’s cold, it goes through your bones, it's cold," Mendoza said.

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