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After a Nightmarish 10 Hours, the 101 Freeway Is Finally Back Open

Starting at about 11 p.m. Monday, a man climbed on the ledge of a 101 Freeway overpass and stayed there for hours

A freeway closure in Hollywood that left drivers desperately searching for options throughout the morning is finally over. 

All lanes on the 101 Freeway at Hollywood Boulevard were closed for about 10 hours Tuesday morning due to a man on the side of the overpass. He climbed onto the outside of fencing on top of the overpass late Monday night and remained there overnight.

Firefighters responded with safety equipment and authorities tried to convince the man to come down, but he refused. 

The man surrendered to authorities around 10 a.m. The freeway reopened a few minutes later after firefighters cleared the scene.

The man was threatening to jump off the bridge, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Traffic remained jammed along the 101 Freeway and on nearby streets as drivers searched for a way around the closure.

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