Valentine's Day

15 Restaurants That Don't Force Fixed-Priced Valentine's Day Menus

On Valentine's Day, most of us want a great meal out, but no one wants to drop dollar bills on an expensive, fixed-priced menu that's sure to break the bank and perhaps your lover's heart.

Instead of overpriced, lousy champagne, overcooked steak and a disgusting double chocolate dessert, perhaps you and your date could indulge in some artisan, handmade pasta at Maccheroni Republic, take advantage of happy hour at Bunker Hill Bar & Grill, or eat with your hands at Meals by Genet (at the recommendation of Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold).

NBC4's media partner KPCC compiled a list of 15 restaurants that would be great for a Valentine's Day date but don't force you to pay for a fixed-price menu:

  1. The Galley - Santa Monica
  2. Lola's Mexican Cuisine - Long Beach
  3. Gro Pow - Riverside
  4. Pizzeria Mozza - Newport Beach
  5. Little Beast - Los Angeles
  6. Great Society Cider & Mead - Long Beach
  7. Pauru's Indian Vegetarian - Los Angeles
  8. Maccheroni Republic - Downtown Los Angeles
  9. Rio Brazilian Grill - Lancaster
  10. Bunker Hill Bar & Grill - Downtown Los Angeles
  11. Mantee Café - Studio City
  12. Bottle Inn - Hermosa Beach
  13. Parks BBQ - Los Angeles
  14. Mercado Modern - Santa Ana
  15. Pizzeria Ortica - Costa Mesa
For more details and locations read more on KPCC's Off-Ramp.
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