Valley Village Gusher Leaves Businesses Drenched

Several Valley Glen businesses were damaged Monday when a driver lost control and sheared a fire hydrant and crashed into a liquor store, leaving a 60-foot-tall gusher to drench the block.

The crash happened around 10:30 a.m., as the driver made a left on Burbank Boulevard from Woodman Avenue.

“It was a really bad screech,” said Karim Coleman. “Like ‘errr… boom.’”

The car crashed into the glass doors of Mission Liquors, but didn’t hit anyone.

Workers at the store rushed to help the driver out of the car.

"By the grace of God no one was sitting at that bus stop,” Coleman said. “Thank goodness."

Because there was so much water, DWP could not access the valve and workers had to lower pressure elsewhere.

A bike shop, a taekwondo studio and Daphne's Desserts shop, where the hardwood floors are now soaked, were among the other stores. The Department of Building and Safety did a check, and the damage totals are still being calculated.

"I didn't have to go to Yellowstone to see a geyser,” said Eric Walter.

David Shin owns Burwood Cleaners and said he has been in the store for 28 years. He's worried about his customers’ now-damaged clothes.

"I cannot keep up my business. All the wet clothes. I’ve got to take care of my customers,” he said.

Several people milling near the geyser said a protected turn arrow is needed at the intersection, which has been the location of several other crashes.

Police said the driver was not impaired.

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