Video Shows Lifeguard Pouring Bucket of Water on Woman Before Fight

Witnesses and officers have said they believe the lifeguard was defending himself after he was attacked by three people at Venice Beach

A lifeguard involved in a fight with three people at Venice Beach last week poured a bucket of water on one of the attackers before the scuffle caught on camera, new video obtained Tuesday by NBC4 shows.

A Las Vegas resident who visited the beach Thursday provided video to NBC4 that appears to show the lifeguard pouring a bucket of water onto the woman's head, which was not captured in previous videos of the altercation. A lit cigarette had earlier been flicked into the tower, setting off the dispute as pier visitors watched and caught the ensuing beach brawl on video, police said.

Megan Ryana Shupert was with her family at the beach when she heard screaming coming from under the lifeguard tower. In her video, one of at least three that captured the confrontation, a woman can be seen pointing up at the lifeguard before he dumps the bucket of water on her head.

"I kind of laughed when I saw the lifeguard pour water on top of them," said Shupert. "Then the lady was really mad. They walked away, the lifeguard came down, they started beating up the lifeguard.

"It looks like the lifeguard got the best of them."

NBC4 attempted to contact the Los Angeles County Lifeguard Division for comment on the new video, but a response had not been received at midday.

The lifeguard was struck repeatedly and knocked down during the attack. Other lifeguards arrived at the scene during the struggle.

Officials have said they believe the lifeguard was defending himself.

The two men and a woman arrested on suspicion of battery on an executive officer were believed to be intoxicated, police said. Lifeguards are considered peace officers under California penal code.

The woman repeatedly could be heard on at least two witnesses' videos shouting that she had been "sexually harassed." As the lifeguard explained what had happened to colleagues after the initial altercation, the woman charged at him and the scuffle continued below the lifeguard tower.

Family members of the suspects who spoke to NBC4 off camera dispute claims that the lifeguard was attempting to defend himself. Two of the three suspects posted bond Friday.

The lifeguard was also taken to a hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released. The lifeguard was placed on medical leave, lifeguard Capt. Kenichi Haskett told The Associated Press.

His name was not released because of the police investigation.

Beach regulars expressed frustration about the violence.

"I've seen a lot of things, but this is a different one," witness  Chase Gilliland said. "Usually, lifeguards are just chill and try to keep the peace. But sometimes the tourists get a little rowdy in the summertime."

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