Investigators Match Monikers in Vietnam Memorial Wall Vandalism Investigation

A $20,000 reward for information was issued in the case that led to outrage among veterans and community members

Authorities released more information Wednesday about their investigation into the vandalism of a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Venice, including an image of a man sought in connection with the crime.

Graffiti was found on the wall, located near the rear of a Metropolitan Transit Authority property, just before Memorial Day as the nation prepared to honor its service members.

Authorities have identified the monikers used by the vandals, including one associated with a tagging crew from the Bay Area, according to a statement released Wednesday by the sheriff's department.

Detectives matched the moniker "NONER," painted on the Memorial Wall, with one shown in a photo of a man painting graffiti on a van. The vandals likely travel regularly between Los Angeles and the Bay Area, according to authorities.

A $20,000 reward for information was issued in the case that led to outrage among veterans and community members, who called the vandalism an insult to POWs and troops reported missing in action during the Vietnam War. The wall was covered in a thick sheen of silver paint over most of the nearly 2,300 names of veterans on the memorial at Metro's bus yard on Pacific Avenue near Sunset Court.

The mural, painted in the early 1990s, has a message at the top reading "You Are Not Forgotten." It bears the names of the soldiers counted as prisoners of war or missing in action in Vietnam.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Transit Bureau is leading the investigation. Any tips can be reported to the agency by calling watch commander Ramon Montenegro at 323-563-5000 or 888-950-7233.

The mural's artist, Peter Stewart, is deceased, so any photos of the mural that members of the public can provide will be needed to help with the restoration. Volunteers tried to remove some of the graffiti, but the scrubbing also meant removing some of the names.

The damage might require a full restoration.

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