Ventura Woman Fights Flames to Protect Home From Thomas Fire

A Ventura woman fought to protect her home from the Thomas Fire when she used the garden hose in her front yard to douse the flames that were seen just across the street.

"I lived here almost ten years," said Songsri Kesonchampa. "This is first-time fire in Faria beach."

Kesonchampa said she had been awake for three days, unable to sleep because she was consumed by worries about the fires.

"I am very, very exhausted," Kesonchampa said. "But I have so much energy to look around (and see) where the fire's going to start."

Despite her exhaustion, the dedicated Ventura resident continued to keep watch on her home as the flames were getting closer and closer. One morning, she found that the fire had jumped across the train tracks and was getting closer to her house.

"The wind blows; that's the problem," Kesonchampa said.

She described the Santa Ana wind as strong and estimated it was blowing at 25 mph at the time she was fighting the flames.

Kesonchampa said she will continue to fight to save her house.

"I don't want to see our homes, beautiful homes here, disappear in front of me," Kesonchampa said. "I just want the fire to stop."

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