Vets Facing Eviction in Koreatown After Building Sold to Donald Sterling

"I don't have nowhere to go, don't know what I'm going to do"

Recently, two buildings on Elden Avenue in Koreatown were sold to real estate mogul and former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whose company informed tenants that it will no longer accept their government vouchers as rent payment.

In effect, Sterling's company informed seven veterans that they're being kicked out of their homes.

"I don't have nowhere to go, don't know what I'm going to do," Navy veteran Aaron Draper, who has lived in one of the two buildings for six years, says.

Draper pays most of his rent with a government voucher through the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program, also known as "VASH." The program is meant to keep vulnerable and disabled veterans from homelessness.

Draper, along with six other veterans who live in the buildings, received 90-day notices that the new landlord, Sterling.

"I suffer PTSD," Joe Aguila, another veteran facing eviction, says. "It's more difficult to sleep and concentrate on things I have to do."

Aguia adds, "The way I see it, I did my part and fought for my country honorably. I'm going to school. I'm not a criminal. Why would you want to put us on the street like we're worthless?"

Sterling's attorney, Dough Walton, told NBC4 that it is the company's policy not to accept any government vouchers. This affects all Section 8 tenants, not just veterans. The LA Housing Authority says that the company's action is legal, as long as the landlord gives 90 days' notice. The V.A. is working to help the veterans, but there are long waiting lists for affordable housing.

As such, these tenants have until Sept. 1 to get out and find a new home.

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