Southern California

“Knock-Knock” Burglars Believed to Have Targeted Homes in SoCal and Nevada

Detectives sought the public's help to catch a knock-knock burglary crew they believe are responsible for several burglaries that stretch across Southern California and Nevada.

Investigators said each member of the burglary crew has a specific role. One man knocks on the door and another cases the house extensively while a getaway driver waits nearby.

If someone answers, one of the burlgars poses as a door-to-door solicitor from a local high school.

"He said, 'I'm new to the area; I go to San Pedro High School,'" one frightened homeowner said. "He was trying to sell me something."

The homeowner frantically called her husband and urged him to return home upon seeing surveillance that two men snuck into her backyard.

"She's like, 'Hurry up and get home because it looks like there might be a couple of burglars trying to break into the house,'" the homeowner's husband said.

As he made his way into his driveway, surveillance footage captured the failed burglars jumping over a wall to escape.

Investigators said the crew targets homes in the morning and early afternoon as parents drop off and pick their children up from school.

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