Charlie Beck

Video Showing Fatal Shooting of Homeless Man by LAPD Will Not Be Released: LAPD Chief

Video that captured the shooting of an unarmed homeless man by officers in front of a busy Venice beach bar would not be released, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck said Tuesday.

Beck called the video a key piece of evidence that would be used in the investigation as well as possibly in civil and criminal trials.

"It needs to maintain its stature as a piece of evidence," he said. "It shouldn't be out there to taint the jury pool nor should it be out there to taint witnesses to the occurrence."

Brendon Glenn, 29, died last week after being shot by a LAPD officer who responded to a disturbance call that reported an earlier altercation Glenn had with a bouncer at a nearby bar.

At least one witness said Glenn was complying with officers when he was shot.

Several people gathered days after the fatal shooting calling for an end to police brutality.

Beck said he wouldn't release the name of the officer involved until the department was satisfied there weren't any credible threats against him.

During an earlier news conference he called the shooting "concerning."

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