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Video Shows Moments After Fatal Police Shooting

The shooting took place near Windward Avenue and Pacific Avenue

New surveillance video shows officers pushing people away from the scene moments after Tuesday's police shooting death of an unarmed homeless man in Venice.

The news comes as community activists, outraged by the shooting, have been protesting police violence.

The so-called "Day of Action" in Venice includes rallies, a march, and a town-hall meeting with the LAPD at an elementary school. Community activists say they don't trust the LAPD to investigate its own officers.

Chanting, "Hands up! Don't shoot!" protesters called for an independent investigation into the shooting of 29-year-old Brendon Glenn outside the town house bar near the Venice Boardwalk.

He's seen scuffling with a man on the boardwalk in cellphone video shot days before he was killed.

He was arguing with the doorman and harassing customers and was killed during a fight with two officers, authorities said.

Paris Edwards, who was a friend of Glenn's, saw it all go down.

"He put his hands up," Edwards said. "They said, 'Show me your ID.' He reached into his pocket. As soon as he did that, the cop shot him right there, 12 feet away from me. And shot him again like an execution."

Surveillance video, obtained Thursday from the Cairo Cowboy restaurant, shows police pushing back bystanders just after the shooting.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said he's seen another surveillance tape that shows the shooting — and while he's concerned about whether the shooting was proper — he has not authorized the release of the tape to the public.

"They're not releasing the video," Community activist Kim McGill. "They want us to trust in video cameras. They know those videos only go to them. Body cams are a sham."

LAPD Captain Tony Caranza said it would be some time before the video's released to the public due to the pending investigation, but the chief will make the decision.

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