“He Lived a Life That Matters”: Vigil Held for Blind Senior Found Decapitated in Inglewood

A gospel concert greeted mourners at the event held at Faithful Central Bible Church

A vigil was conducted Monday night for a blind senior who was found decapitated in his Inglewood apartment last week.

Gospel music greeted mourners at the event held at Faithful Central Bible Church, where 75-year-old Robert Hollis was a choir member. Family filled a front row at the service which celebrated the popular senior, however they were too emotional to comment.

"Robert Hollis lived a life that matters," the Rev. Gerald Smith, of the 3rd Church for Spiritual Living, told the congregation.

The vigil featured a video of classic cars painted by Hollis before he went blind, and candles were later raised for the artist lovingly called "Mr. Bojangles" by friends and family due to his love of gospel music. Bishop Kenneth Ulmer of Faithful Central said people in the religious community has pulled together to help the Hollis family.

"He brought light to people out of his own darkness. It's a very personal thing for us, the way it happened, the tremendous ungodly way in which it happened," Bishop Ulmer said. "We are trying to bring the family through this (and) get to the next step of getting justice and resolving this case."

Police are still hunting for suspects in Hollis' slaying. He was discovered decapitated in his apartment in the 800 block of Glenway Drive at around 12:45 p.m. Thursday by his son, who contacted emergency services. His head is still missing.

"There's been some evidence recovered from inside the residence but nothing we could make public that would assist in the public identifying a suspect at this point," Inglewood Mayor James Butts said.

The official said he is hoping to aid the search by providing a financial incentive to witnesses.

"I intend to present a resolution to the city council to authorize a $50,000 reward," Butts said.

Nothing appears to have been stolen from Hollis' home during the attack, and his family fears he could have been the victim of a satanic ritual.

"It's hard to wrap your brain around something so heinous happening to a family member," Hollis' cousin Alysia Powell said."Somebody just coming off the street and doing this in your own home, this is bewildering."

Tena Ezzeddine and Angie Crouch contributed to this report

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