Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Watch Your Credit Cards — Thieves Using Card Skimmers to Steal Your Money

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department reminded shoppers on Black Friday that thieves are using card skimmers during this holiday shopping season to steal money, and offered the following tips to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Try to pay with cash if possible.
  • When paying at a store or restaurant, make sure an employee doesn't walk away from the register with your card.
  • Make sure card slots at gas pumps, vending machines are secure and do not show signs of tampering.
  • Look for security seals at convenience store locations (especially gas pumps). Pump panels should have a seal across the panel door and frame. If the panel is opened, the label will read "void."
  • Protect your money and identity by inspecting ATMs for illegally attached devices. If you wiggle the card slot on an ATM machine and it feels loose, notify the bank, or store where the ATM is located.
  • Frequently check your accounts and statements for fraudulent activity by contacting your bank or credit bureau.
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