Angelenos First to Try Waze's Difficult Intersections Feature

Navigation app Waze has created a new routing feature aimed at make driving in Los Angeles a little less stressful.

The app's difficult intersections feature is designed to calculate the best spossible route in an attempt to bypass a crowded or tricky intersection when it's possible to do so, even if it makes the drive a bit longer.

That includes hard-to-make left turns where there's no traffic light to help drivers.

"The goal of the feature is to reduce the amount of these intersections, not completely eliminate them," Waze said in a blog post.

Waze's local map editors researched area traffic patterns and conducted polls to identify which intersections cause Angelenos the most pain at given times of the day and provide alternate solutions, the company said.

The difficult intersections feature is by default enabled for LA drivers. Anyone who prefers not to use it can disable it in the settings.

For now, the feature is available to the Los Angeles area. It'll be expand to New Orleans and later roll out globally.

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