Weary Travelers Happy to Be Home After Hurricane Odile Rips Through Cabo

What started as a vacation for travelers in Cabo quickly turned into a days long nightmare when Hurricane Odile tore through the tourist destination.

More than 300 travelers were relieved to make it back to Los Angeles International Airport after the tropical storm turned hotels upside down, leaving visitors without power, water or a functioning airport to get home.

“Once I heard people screaming I knew it was serious,” said traveler Nicole Wilczynski. “The wind was knocking through the door. I thought it was going to knock down the door.”

When word got out that there was a flight available to the U.S., thousands of stranded travelers lined up for a chance to board.

“There was a hotel that was just devastated and they said ‘that’s where you guys start,’” sai traveler Matt Mejer. “Maybe 5,000 people just waiting to get a plane.”

Those who made it back on the plane were treated to hamburgers as they eagerly awaited touching down at LAX.

“When we got back to the United States there was a big cheer,” said Alaska Airlines Capt. Thomas Kemp.

Thousands of people were still stuck in the hurricane-ravaged vacation spot Wednesday night, and Alaska Airlines continued their efforts to get weary travelers home.

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