Weather Affects Your Locks. Get Some Winter Hair Care Tips from the Bad Boy of Beauty

You probably lather up with lotion and take care of your skin in the winter, but what about your hair? If your lips are getting chapped, your scalp might be too. Berlin Fisher, the Bad Boy of Beauty, has your hair care survival tips on California Live. 

Treat Your Scalp

Your scalp is skin and can become chapped and dry just like the skin on your body. So nurture your scalp. Fisher recommends using Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner to make sure your scalp is moisturized so you don't get flakiness or dandruff. 

Get Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner for the Winter

Dry hair is very common in the winter as harsh winds and bitter cold can dry it out. Make sure you specifically purchase a shampoo and conditioner designed to moisturize your hair. You can use the bottle all winter long. 

Buy Additional Conditioning Treatments 

Fisher recommends additional conditioning treatments to keep dry hair at bay. He recommends using a spray-in conditioner which gives hair moisture without the weight. Also deep conditioning treatments once a week can do wonders for your hair according to Fisher. 

Get Moisture Friendly Styling Products

Lots of styling products are oiled based which can be problematic for moisture.

"One of the myths about oil is that is a moisturizer," said Fisher. "What we have to realize is that it actually coats the hair and repels moisturizer."  

Fisher recommends a silicate oil based product if you have to use an oil based product as it is more natural than other oils.

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