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Nevada High School’s Diplomas Misspell "Graduation"

"Graduation" spelled "graduataion"



    Nevada High School’s Diplomas Misspell "Graduation"
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    Another school's diplomas have been found to contain a spelling error.


    Graduating students at a Nevada high school were recently given diplomas that contained a glaring spelling error.

    The word "graduation" was misspelled as "graduataion," the Elko Daily Free Press reported.

    Spring Creek High School Principal Keith Walz told the paper the misspelled diplomas were an “inadvertent mistake” and the school’s supplier, Jostens, said the fault was their own.

    The Salt Lake City-based firm had recently changed their equipment and missed the error, Jostens rep Bryan Durfey told the Elko Daily Free Press.

    Jostens has sent out corrected diplomas to the 203 affected Spring Creek High students by priority mail at no cost to the school.

    It’s not the first time a school’s diplomas have failed to make the grade this graduation cycle.

    Last week about 8,000 students at Parkdale High School in Maryland received diplomas with the word “program” spelled “progam.”

    The local school district and its printing company have also vowed to replace the error-ridden diplomas, NBC Washington reported.