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Your Breasts on Line One

One doctor claims he's discovered how to increase breast size without surgery or exercises. All you need is a cellphone.



    Your Breasts on Line One
    Women around the world are changing their cell-phone service plan to unlimited calls after learning that a simple ring tone can increase their bust size.

    Hey, what'd you get up to this weekend? We did brunch, watched the Oscars, and tried to give ourselves one of those newfangled Japanese boob jobs with our cellphone.


    Dr. Tomobechi's Boob Job Ringtone

    That's right: Apparently some enterprising young Japanese doctor went and cooked up a ringtone that will grow your bust by three centimeters (or about 1.2 inches) if you listen to it 20 times a day over a 10-day period. How does it work? According to inventor and musician Dr. Tomobechi, buried in the ringtone is the sound of a baby crying, which works subliminally on women to ignite maternal instincts which in turn launch hormones that pump up your bust. Or something. 


    Watch the video and decide for yourself. Afterall, it was on the Discovery Channel, so it must be legit.