Sydney Kalich

What is Baby Botox? Dr. Tess Explains

We all want to look and feel our best but when you are a performer on stage it is especially important to have the right look. Dr. Tess Mauricio explained the new Botox procedure, baby Botox, which she called "perfect for performers."

Mauricio started baby Botox with Eden Espinosa, a Broadway singer, about a year ago. 

"I put off getting Botox for so long out of fear of having a frozen face." said Espinosa. "I've been so happy with my results because I can always still emote and show expression." 

Mauricio said she used her clinic's signature time machine procedure then started using baby Botox on Espinosa. 

"Baby Botox uses micro dosages, small dosages of Botox sprinkled everywhere," said Mauricio. "It is very customized so tiny amounts just really softens the look and prevents future wrinkles from coming in." 

Baby Botox has no downtime, so patients can apply makeup and talk immediately after the procedure, something Mauricio said is perfect for performers and people on the go. 

"You don't want to look different, you want to be able to emote and you do want to look fresh," said Mauricio. "You want to look flawless under your makeup. That's what it [baby Botox] is."

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