Police Seek Man in Whittier Road Rage Attack

After a road rage incident escalated into an assault, police were searching for a man who chucked a bottle at a woman's head in the attack that came as she left her grandfather's funeral Wednesday night in Whittier.

Police were searching for the man, described as being in his early 20s, driving a blue early 2000s model Camaro after he got into a road rage situation with a woman near Whittier and Norwalk boulevards.

The woman, Tori Snead, said she was driving in a caravan from her grandfather's funeral when a man in a convertible drove erratically near her, and tried to cut into her lane.

"By the time we all looked out the window, [his arm] was cocked back," Snead said.

The bottle hit Snead in the face, she said.

Snead's father tried to chase the man down, but he got away.

Police were searching for the man after the assault. Investigators were looking into surveillance footage at the intersection.

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