Victim's Brother Is Arrested in Shooting Death of Mother of 12 Year Old

The search for the brother of a woman fatally shot in San Gabriel ended with his arrest Thursday night in Riverside County, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

Johnny Goins, 31, was detained by local authorities  at a Moreno Valley shopping mall around 8:30 p.m. Los Angeles County deputies took him into custody and booked him for murder in the shooting death of his sister, Tanaya, 32, in an incident described by detectives  as domestic violence.

She was shot in the apartment where she was raising her 12 year old son in the 5100 block of Rosemead Boulevard. Deputies responding to a call of shots fired found her already dead. The son was transported to a local hospital with a wrist injury determined not to be serious. How he had suffered the injury, investigators could not immediately say.

Family members gathered to mourn the loss, their pain all the more unbearable after it became apparent her brother had been identified as the suspected shooter.

"She didn't deserve to die like this. Not from her brother...This ain’t right," said a cousin.

It was not clear to neighbors how long the brother had been staying at the apartment. Also inside Thursday morning was a boyfriend.  However, investigators believe he was "in the back" and did not witness the shooting.

Neighbor Mary Espinosa, who lived across the courtyard, said she heard frequent arguments from within the apartment, and had seen Tanaya Goins throw men's clothing outside the apartment.

Shortly after 6:30 a.m. Thursday, Espinosa said she heard Goins shouting before she and other neighbors heard three to four shots, and the voice of a man who was yelling, "She's been shot. She's been shot."

Investigators determined the voice was that of the significant other, who remained at the scene — not the brother who left, andwas believed to have taken the gun with him.

Espinosa said he was holding his wrist, shaken and praying for his mother.

The son went to the hospital, the injury determined to be not serious.

Tanaya Goins' mother showed a photo of her daughter and shared a poignant epitaph.

"She was going to school to be a criminal investigator," her mother said. "She was just finishing up."

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