Woman Held Hostage in Redlands Standoff Was Shot By Officers: Police

A woman who was held hostage at gunpoint by her ex-boyfriend and was shot in a standoff with police last week was shot by officers, police said.

Kristin Bauer, 28, was shot four times in a standoff with police on March 24 after her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Mike, 29, came to the Office Depot where she worked and took her hostage after Bauer ended their relationship, police said.

Police Chief Mark Garcia said forensic investigators determined that Mike's gun had jammed, preventing it from firing, and that Kristin had been shot.

"It is likely that shot that caused the wound was fired by a police officer," Garcia said.

The situation began in the parking lot of the Office Depot, where Kristin and Mike sat in Mike's car and Mike put a handgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The gun did not fire, police said.

"During this time while still driving, Mike also attempted to inject Kristin several times with an unknown substance, but she was avoided being hit by the syringe," Garcia said.

After begging him to let her go, Mike dropped Bauer off at the Office Depot, but he quickly followed her inside.

"Inside the store Mike physically restrained Kristin while holding her at gunpoint. One person was shot in the hand while he tried to assist Kristin," Garcia said.

At gunpoint, Mike took Bauer hostage, and officers found them about a block away. Garcia said Mike threatened to kill Kristin numerous times and also said he wasn't afraid to die.

After two hours of negotiating, Garcia said Mike made a sudden move, pulling Bauer back as a shield.

"At that point believing the hostage was in imminent danger, officers made a split second decision firing multiple rounds at the suspect in an attempt to save Kristin's life," Garcia said. "The rounds fired by the officers struck and killed Mike. At the same time, Bauer was also wounded."

Kristin's father Greg Bauer told NBC4 on Tuesday that he's grateful for the police officers who rescued his daughter and said whether she was shot by police was not important.

"But even if they did, she's alive and she's not in that situation," he said.

Garcia said police spoke to Bauer and her family Friday morning and said her condition was improving.

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