Woman Left Topless After Alleged Macy's Theft Charged

Suspect allegedly fled the Santa Anita Mall without a shirt or bra after they came off during an altercation with security guard

A woman who became topless during a struggle with a security guard at an Arcadia Macy’s after she was allegedly caught shoplifting is facing a theft charge after turning herself in to investigators.

Jeannue Hua, 45, turned herself in Monday to the Arcadia jail, where she was booked for one felony count of petty theft with a prior conviction, according to the Arcadia Police Department.

Hua allegedly tried to sneak items shoplifted from the department store at the Santa Anita Mall Sunday night by slipping them into her purse.

When she was approached by the guard, there was a struggle for the purse, and Hua’s bra and shirt came off during the altercation. She then allegedly ran to her car topless - also leaving her purse with her driver’s license behind.

A witness also wrote down the license plate number of a car the alleged thief was driving.

Hua was booked and released on $20,000 bail.

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