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Woman Mourns Beloved Officer Husband Who Died in Off-Duty Crash

Buena Park Officer Arthur Brice died in a crash on a freeway in Corona over the weekend.

Kerri Brice says she feels like she's living a nightmare that she can't wake up from.

Her husband, Arthur, a Buena Park police officer died while driving home from work in Corona on Saturday.

"It's like I'm watching my life as a movie and it's like not real to me and I think he's going to come in the door at any minute," she said. "It's really hard to accept this."

Arthur, 58, was a bear of a man at 6 foot 7, but was a sweetheart with the biggest heart, his wife said.

The father of four was a gentle giant who devoted his life to public service. The Army veteran spent years as an EMT and even delivered four babies during his career.

But for the past 20 years he was a police officer, serving cities such as Riverside, Placentia and a reserve officer for Buena Park for the past decade.

"I think he always wanted to be a police officer," said his son, Kevin.

Arthur was killed after working an overnight shift. A semi truck trailer detached on the eastbound 91 Freeway just past the 15 interchange.

He couldn't stop in time, or get out of the way, his wife said.

"He was an amazing driver," said his wife, who set up a gofundme site. "If he couldn't pull out of it or turn then there was a reason for that. You just don't know that it's the last time you are ever going to kiss your spouse."

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