Los Angeles

Woman Reunited With Family After Going Missing From Hospital

After a 38-year-old woman went missing after leaving a hospital in Sun Valley, she was found a week later at a bus stop to the relief of her family, they said Sunday.

"She was so happy to see me, and I just threw myself on her bed," Jennifer Lujan, her sister, said. 

Kasey Luscious was seen leaving Pacific Hospital in the 9400 block of San Fernando Road on March 30. Her family said she suffers from Huntington's disease which impacts her mental and physical abilities.

The Los Angeles Police Department launched a search effort to find the woman as she was unfamiliar with the Los Angeles area.

Luscious was placed in a cab by the hospital on March 30 to be transferred to a nursing facility where she was to live. But she never checked in.

Police contacted the family when Luscious turned up at a bus stop. She was taken to County USC hospital to be checked out.

It wasn't immediately clear where she had been for the five days, or what she was doing, the family said.

Her family was very emotional at the bedside reunion Sunday.
Pacific Hospital provided no comment on the situation. 
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