Woman Searches Shelters to Save Neglected Animals

"If there is one that needs our help how am I going to say no," she said.

An Encino woman searches animal shelters for the dogs no one wants, the broken animals in need of the most urgent medical and emotional care. Such animals have little chance of being adopted and it takes organizations such as Saving K-9 Lives Plus to step in and find them a home.

"If there is one that needs our help how am I going to say no," said Jasmin Gabay Kimball, who heads up the nonprofit that rescues the dogs that would not survive otherwise.

She has a village of rescue friends who foster the animals. When she finds a dog in serious need, the first step is to get medical care.

"What we do is we donate the vetting until the stray hold is over," said Kimball.

Then, she networks the dog on social media, hoping for a foster or an owner.

Veronica Perry, rescuer and foster coordinator at the East Valley Animal Shelter, said the work Kimball does is critical to saving these animals because with so many injured and sick animals, the shelter can only do so much.

"We have pain meds, we can give fluids, do X-rays but there are things we cannot do so if there is something urgent I will reach out," Perry said.

"There are times when I'm like this is so hard. It's so hard," said Kimball.

She realized that the reward is worth the sacrifice.

"Things I found I like the most is when I adopt are the adopters who say, 'yes I'll continue the journey.'

"It's not that they are adopting the perfect dog. They are continuing on the journey that the dog needs."

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