Woman Suffering Complications 30 Years After Botched Buttock Injections

One woman who received botched buttock injections decades ago said she believes they will eventually lead to her death.  

Sasha Navarro said she was just looking for a better figure and a bigger backside when she had mineral oil injected into her buttocks almost 30 years ago. In the years since the botched procedure, she has experienced extreme pain and her buttocks have hardened. 

"I really need the help to get this out of my body," said Navarro. "It's turned red, it's turned black."

The pain from the injection has since spread from her buttock to her back and legs. Navarro said she has spoken to doctors and the outlook does not look great.

"[They said], 'there is nothing we can. You're going to die with that,'" she said. "That's what I hear from the doctors I've been seeing."

Navarro did not have the injections done by a doctor or medical professional something doctors caution against. 

"If it sounds like a miracle or a Black Friday special, run away from it," said Dr. Ilan Shapiro of Altamed Health Services.

Even though the injections were decades ago, Navarro still deals with worsening complications everyday.

"What's done is done, I am giving advice to other girls, don't have it done," said Navarro. 

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