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Woman Who Threw Kittens From Car Sought

In a disturbing case of animal cruelty, investigators in the Inland Empire are searching for a woman spotted Thursday morning throwing two kittens out of a moving car.

A man who was driving right behind the vehicle said he is outraged, and tried to track the woman down.

"Animals are like a child and can't defend themselves," said the man, who asked to be identified only as Charles.

Charles was driving behind a white car on Sheep Creek Road in Phelan, when suddenly he saw two small animals flying from the car window.

He said instantly got a knot in his stomach.

"Instant anger,” he said. “I probably shouldn't have done it, but I chased her down Palmdale (Road) where she made a left."

He caught up to her, and tried to take down her license plate number.

"She kind of smirked and kept driving," he said

Phelan resident Leslie Davis found the bodies of the two kittens, who could not be saved. She said she believes they were about 10 weeks old.

"It's disgusting,” Davis said. “You hear stories all the time, where so and so found a litter of puppies or kittens and they are just dumped in the desert to die. There's no humanity anymore."

Charles said the woman was driving a white car, possibly a Saturn. He also got a partial license plate number, which will help investigators.

"With that information an individual investigator can actually attempt to determine the license plate, determine the owner of the vehicle and ultimately the suspect who was throwing the animals from the moving vehicle," said Greg Beck, with San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control.

If the woman is found, she could face felony animal cruelty charges.

Charles said he is horrified by what he saw, and hopes the woman was caught.

"How would you feel if I pushed you out of a car?” he said, directing his anger toward the woman who threw the kittens. “And left you for dead on the side of the road?”

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