Woman's Car Stolen from Woodland Hills Mall Parking Lot

The theft was captured on the store's surveillance video

A woman whose car was stolen from a Woodland Hills Target parking lot said she wants to alert others about the theft.

The woman, who asked on Sunday to remain anonymous, was exchanging merchandise in the store at the Westfield Topanga mall just before 10 p.m. Saturday when she left her keys on the counter.

"A few minutes later, another lady came to the counter, put her purse on top of my keys and pretended those keys were hers," the woman said.

When the woman realized that her keys were missing about 20 minutes later, she returned to the parking lot to see if she had left them in her car, a silver 2000 Volvo station wagon. This, she said, is how the thieves knew which car to steal.

“I think they followed me through the store,” she said. “They basically cased it out and saw they had the keys but needed to find the car.”

Though Target security cameras clearly captured the theft, the store said that it is company policy to only release security video to police.

However, a Topanga Division LAPD officer who took the report told the woman the video showed her car being stolen by two thieves.

The suspects are described as a woman with a visible tattoo and a man wearing khaki pants, who were orignally driving a white Volkswagen Jetta with no license plate, according to the officer.

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