Woodland Hills Shooting Investigation

Woodland Hills cousins returned home from running errands and rather than retiring to the comfort of their home, they came face-to-face with the barrel of a gun.

The Los Angeles Police Department was investigating a shooting at the home on Avenue San Luis near the 101 Freeway Wednesday at 6 p.m.

The homeowner said he and his cousin had just pulled into the driveway when he heard a man order them to lie down.

"As I turned around to see what it was, I was looking down the barrel of a 9 mm or a 40," the homeowner's cousin, who only wanted to be identified as Tony, said.

He said another gunman was already in the house, and seconds later, he heard gunshots. One struck the wall, he said.

"It was very scary," Tony said. "By the grace of God, I'm still here."

He said he and his cousin ran, and hours later, his cousin - the homeowner - has yet to return home.

"He may have just been scared — we don't know," said Sgt. John Matassa of the LAPD's Topanga station. "I don't have an answer to why he's not here. It's still being investigated."

The gunman may have driven off in a newer model black Camry. Police were still trying to find the owner of the house to interview him about what happened as of Wednesday night.

Investigators were still trying to determine a motive.

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