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List: Yelp’s Top Places to Eat in SoCal for 2018

Eighteen SoCal restaurants made Yelp's 2018 list of the top 100 places to eat in the U.S.

Jakob Layman / 786 Degrees Pizza

Yelp recently released its annual list of the top 100 places to eat in the United States, and California is at the top of the food pyramid.

The business review site determined the rankings by looking at the ratings and number of reviews for restaurants, while also accounting for "quality and popularity" to reveal not only what's top rated, but also what's most popular across the country.

Thirty-six of the nation's local favorites are in the Golden State, and 18 are in Southern California. Take a look at our interactive map and see if you can find your favorite, or soon-to-be-favorite, foodie destination. 

4. Yo-Way -- Gardena

"Solid sandwich shop with great quality ingredients and superb customer service." - Luis J.  

Photo credit: @eatyoway via Instagram

 17. 786 Degrees -- Sun Valley

"The owner and chef Ali is a master of his craft and an awesome guy who's passionate about pizza." - Luke S.

Photo credit: 786 Degrees Pizza

19. King Mediterrano -- Torrance

"One of the best Mediterranean places I've been to. No other place compares when it comes to certain items like their sautéed steak and falafel." - Sylvia P. 

Photo credit: @king_mediterrano_torrance via Instagram

20. The Flinderstreet Cafe -- Chino

"This place always exceeds my expectations. The menu is great, the food is great, and the service us (sic) unbeatable." - Mitch S.

Photo credit: @theflinderstreetcafe via Instagram

21. Saigon Beach Restaurant -- Newport Beach

"This has got to be some of the best Vietnamese food I've ever eaten - and I can attest to that being that I'm Viet!" - Diane V.

Photo credit: @saigonbeach via Instagram

25. Howlin' Ray's -- Los Angeles

"Howlin' Ray's is amazing! It's definitely the best fried chicken I've had outside the South." - Justin L.

Photo credit: Jakob Layman

35. Kech Cafe -- Fountain Valley

"One of those hidden gems, Kech Cafe is hidden within a gas station. I love going here for brunch or post-workout because of their healthy choices of wraps or sandwiches with two sides." - Matthew Phuc N.

Photo credit: @grub.goddess via Instagram

37. Playground 2.0 -- Santa Ana

"This is definitely a fun, tasty, satisfying place to go on a special occasion or without one." - Gary H.

Photo credit: @amymeetsfood via Instagram

38. Adobo Taco Grill -- Lakewood

"I love this little hole in the wall. Quite possibly one of the best taco joints along with Baja Tacos. The menu here is simple." - Toa B.

Photo credit: @eatdrinklovejen via Instagram

39. FurnSaj Bakery -- Granada Hills

"There's a reason this place has 5/5 stars. They have a plethora of different foods at an amazing price range." - Joyce J.

Photo credit: @el.nomad via Instagram

40. Daddy O's Rockin' Cafe -- Upland

"These are hands down the best burgers ever! Bread is nice and soft, burger patties are tasteful and fresh, fries are nice and crispy!!" - D M.

Photo credit: @daddyosrockincafe via Instagram

51. Sultan Bakery and Grill -- Murrieta

"Long story short, the food here is authentic, well seasoned and fresh. Service was terrific and the menu hits all points." - James D.

Photo credit: @lailaabdo4 via Instagram

56. Calhoun's Texas Barbeque -- Murrieta

"This place is truly a gem. Hands down, the best BBQ I've had in Southern Cal, Florida, or even Texas." - Culinary A.

Photo credit: @bc1sublime via Instagram

57. Big Al's Pizzeria -- Maywood

"I absolutely love this place! The pizza and wings always come out super hot." - Maheen K.

Photo credit: @bigalspizzeria via Instagram

58. Poke Wave -- Mission Viejo

"Poke Wave easily makes it into my top 3 Poke restaurants that I've eaten at. The fish is very fresh, the octopus is very tender, and there are toppings like cream cheese balls that I have never seen before." - Brandon L.

Photo credit: @pey.leancuisine via Instagram

63. Bunz -- Huntington Beach

"Wow just wow! Was so amazed at the size and taste of the cheeseburgers here! And the prices are amazing for what you get." - Brenda P.

Photo credit: @hurrikhang via Instagram

64. Appu's Cafe -- Long Beach

"This is the best Vegan Indian food ever! The whole place is vegetarian but they will offer vegan choice." - Coco S.

Photo credit: @lukeysmommy2015 via Instagram

96. Noho Cafe -- North Hollywood

"Excellent kabobs and cherry rice in a small unassuming place where the owner welcomes you with a great smile and fills your belly with awesomeness." - Candi B.

Photo credit: @nohocafe via Instagram

If the foodie in you is planning a trip outside of SoCal, check out Yelp's complete list of the top 100 restaurants across the country here.

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