Young Boy Loses Hand After Firework Explodes in His Hand

A 10-year-old boy survived an explosion but is now missing a hand, after someone allegedly placed a firework in his hand.

The boy was released Friday from UC Irvine Medical Center in California, where he had surgery and may possibly need two more procedures.

His family, who has not left him alone since the incident occurred, asks that the person responsible be punished.

They point to two neighbors in the incident that happened last July 6 outside their home in Compton, precisely on the child’s birthday.

Aaron Carreto struggles to hold back the tears to remember the day he lost his hand. He said that one of the neighbors put the firework in his hand without enough time to get rid of the explosive item.

"I thought it was a regular rocket that had burst in his hand, but I never imagined the magnitude, the seriousness of the accident," said Alisson Beatriz Carreto, the patient's sister.

"I looked at his hand and he had no fingers, he had nothing but his skin was hanging," said his sister.

With the outbreak, Aaron, who is also called "Whiskey", lost his left hand, suffered serious burns on the fingers of his right hand, an opening in the stomach where he was given 15 stitches, and several burns on his face.

His sisters said that the explosion was so powerful that the alarms of five nearby vehicles in the neighborhood went off, and now they ask for the recovery of Aaron and that justice is done.

According to the child's relatives, police have only detained one of the two neighbors involved, the second remains free.

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