Updated News and Weather Apps Boast Exciting Features

Updated News and Weather Apps Boast Exciting Features

Our news and weather apps for iOS and Android have been updated with exciting new features: there’s an interactive radar that’s more precise than ever and now you can watch your favorite NBC programs live right in our app.

After investing in the best radar technology to make sure our forecast is the most accurate, we’ve upgraded the weather features on our apps to make it easy for you to find real-time details about the conditions near you.

The "Live Radar" is a first-of-its-kind app feature that allows users access to real-time weather information, based on their location. It is powered by a combination of our exclusive mobile radar trucks called "StormRangers," station fixed radars and existing National Weather Service radars. It is the only app to offer users access to multiple radars.

You can also use it as a weather app by setting weather as your home screen, so you can quickly access the live radar and current temperatures.

And now you don’t have to miss your favorite NBC shows because you can watch live TV directly in our app. You can catch your local news or shows, whether you are at home or on the go. Sign in with your TV service provider username and password to start watching live.

Download our free app in the iTunes app store or Google Play.