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Amber Alert Teen Found Unharmed

Sheriff Detectives Issue an Amber Alert Monday Night, Searching for a 17 Year Old Girl Allegedly Taken by Force Near South Gate



    Amber Alert Teen Found Unharmed
    An Amber Alert was issued Monday night for 17 year old Mayra Martinez, who was allegedly taken by force by a man near South Gate.

    A 17-year-old who was the subject of an Amber Alert was found in Bell Monday night, appearing to be unharmed, authorities said.

    Suspect Rafael Ibarra, 29, was taken into custody, said Steve Whitmore  of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

    Mayra Martinez was taken by force at 3:35 p.m. on Alameda Street in the  unincorporated Firestone area in a green 1999 Ford Expedition, authorities  said.

    Ibarra had allegedly threatened to kill Martinez in the past,  authorities said.