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Attempted Kidnapping Caught On Camera?



    Attempted Kidnapping Caught on Camera

    Police in Houston are searching for a man who lifted a 14-month-old girl out of her mother's grocery cart, then quickly returned the child when confronted. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016)

    A Houston mother is seeking justice for her child after a man may have tried to kidnap her baby.

    Surveillance video from the incident at the very least shows some unusual behavior.

    The man walked up to Florence Monauer's shopping cart inside the H Mart grocery store Saturday.

    With Monauer's back turned, and without speaking to her or getting permission, the man tried to pick up her 14-month-old daughter. Monauer realized what was happening once she heard the rustling of fabric to which the child was attached.

    "I think that if it weren't for the cover, he probably would've made off with her quickly," says Monauer. "I couldn't hear a thing."

    Monauer eventually got her baby back but she said the man never spoke to her. Instead, he directed his conversation to the baby. Then, with no shopping cart and no merchandise, he walked away and out of the store.

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