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The Challenge

Gene Simmons: "People Love This!"



    He's rich. He's flashy. He talks a great game. In some ways, he's just like the typical owner of a football team. But in many others, he's completely different.

    Gene Simmons is an entrepreneur. The son of a Holocaust survivor, he learned from an early age to make the most of every single day. No doubt, he's done that.

    When Simmons and bandmate Paul Stanley helped form KISS nearly 40 years ago, most people thought they were crazy. Face paint, studded neck collars, platform leather boots. Not to mention the outrageous showmanship, blood, fireworks and Simmons' now trademark tongue. It wasn't the kind of show you'd take your kids to. Or your parents for that matter.

    But Simmons has never listened to the critics. He never cared what they had to say. He's had a successful television series, owns a language translation company and has delved into countless business partnerships. Despite all the eye-popping sets KISS has performed over the years, Simmons' latest venture may be the most surprising yet.

    The Conversation: Gene Simmons

    [LA] The Conversation: Gene Simmons
    Rock legend Gene Simmons is fed up with what he calls "the biggest crime in Los Angeles: the fact that LA doesn't have professional football." He's out to change that with the LA Kiss of the Arena Football League. Simmons sat down with Fred Roggin for an entertaining interview about his new football team and his legendary rock band, KISS. Originally aired on Going Roggin, September 29, 2013.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013)

    Arena football. That's right, arena football. Simmons and Stanley are co-owners and co-founders of the LA KISS, the Arena Football League's newest expansion team. "It's the biggest crime in America today," Simmons said, "that Los Angeles doesn't have professional football." He's out to change that.

    Simmons promises the same brand of showmanship he's become known for over the years. Fireworks, dancing girls, musical performances. Not to mention an extra large dose of in-your-face (sometimes literally) professional football.

    The LA Kiss will begin play at Honda Center in March 2014 and Simmons will be there. He and KISS will even play a free show for season ticket holders. He guarantees entertainment and "more firepower than most third world countries."

    It may not be the NFL, but for now it just might suffice. Football with a KISS... One thing's for sure, they'll keep you on the edge of your seat.