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Let it Snow in Santa Clarita

Snowmen Were Built, Kids Played, Cameras Clicked and Snaps Posted Online as Residents in Santa Clarita and Neighboring Communities Woke to a Rare Southern California Snowfall



    Let it Snow in Santa Clarita
    Boogie Board Snowman

    Unexpected? You could say that.

    In Stevenson Ranch residents are used to seeing a dusting of snow across some of the surrounding hill tops, but on Monday morning, Joey and Jaclyn Napoli woke up to a different kind of winter, one that literally landed on the front lawn.

    "I was expecting maybe another twenty-five years or so, but I'm surprised it happened now, and I'm glad," according to Joey Napoli, a Stevenson Ranch Resident.

    Up and down neighborhood streets, residents put a California twists on their snowman creations.

    Let it Snow in Santa Clarita

    [LA] Let it Snow in Santa Clarita
    Snow coating lawns and streets in Santa Clarita and neighboring communities was a rare winter surprise Monday, thanks to a frigid upper-level low-pressure system from the Pacific Northwest.
    (Published Monday, Jan. 3, 2011)

    The Napolis went with a boogie board, others used sunglasses.

    Of course, by mid-day, even polarized lenses couldn't keep the fresh pack from turning into a slushy memory.

    "It was mostly raining last night, and it broke down most of the snow," according to Jaclyn Napoli, a Santa Clarita Resident.

    Fortunately, those who wanted to cherish their visit by Father Freeze shot plenty of video, and took plenty of photos.

    And even someone experienced with massive snow storms in Ireland and Chicago, was entranced by our local variety.

    "Not up here. This is my first time. It was a treat," according to Nora Costello, a Stevenson Ranch Resident.

    So while our friends to the northeast and east are socked-in, inconvenience, and sometimes incapacitated by relentless blizzards, the folks in Santa Clarita are busting out sleds, and brushing up on their snowball tossing.

    "There was still about three to four inches of snow here, and we've never seen this before," according to Ken Painter, a Stevenson Ranch Resident.

    A rare memory, that has already melted into the sunset.