Life Connected AP Heritage Special: Susan Ahn Cuddy - NBC Southern California

A celebration of Southern California's Asian Pacific American communities

Life Connected AP Heritage Special: Susan Ahn Cuddy

Susan Ahn Cuddy was born to lead. Her family was the first Korean family to immigrate to California in 1902, and from the very beginning, she broke the mold. She was independent, athletic - not your typical girl growing up in the 1930s. In 1942, she became the first Korean-American woman in the U.S. military and the first female Navy gunnery officer. She has had such an amazing life that her life story has been portrayed in a play called “Born to Lead,” performed by the East West Players, the nation’s premier Asian American theatre organization. Age has slowed her down just a bit. She is now 100 years old, but as NBC4’s Angie Crouch found out, Cuddy is still as sassy as ever. And yet a look at another of our unique neighborhoods that makes up the diverse fabric of LA -- Little Bangladesh.