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Massive Tag Gets Wiped-Out

Massive tag is an amazing third of a mile long.



    Massive Tag Gets Wiped-Out

    Work is underway to remove one of the most notorious graffiti taggings in all of the Southland, near downtown Los Angeles.

    The massive tag consists of three black-and-white block letters spelling out "MTA."   They run the length of several blocks in a part of the Los Angeles River that has long been a target of  graffiti vandals competing with one another. 

    The letters stand for Metro Transit Assassins. It was billed as one of the largest graffiti tags in the nation.  Eight people were arrested in January on suspicion of defacing the riverbed.    Their trial is pending and they could be ordered to pay restitution if they are convicted.  

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is handling the cleanup job.  It is using high pressure water sprayers to remove the toxic paint.   Hazardous-material crews will capture the runoff before it gets into the river.