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Mom Power Delivers Eco-Products

A Los Angeles Mom helps develop a website devoted to bringing mom's ecofriendly baby products.



    Call her picky.  Call her a Ms. Know-It-All. Call her whatever you like, Emily Blakeney is a mom on a mission to find the safest products for mommies and babies.

    "When my first one was born, I needed to know what was going in and around my baby," said Blakeney, the Chief Product Officer for  "I do the work of finding the best, safest products so you don't have to do the work."

    Blakeney, along with three others, brainstormed the idea of just two years ago. 

    "We started with one product (baby food) in a guest bedroom and grow to diapers, soap and now 300 brands" and its now jammed packed in offices in Culver City.

    Eco Friendly Products Approved by Mom

    [LA] Eco Friendly Products Approved by Mom is an e-commerce destination that meets the needs of all mothers as caregivers, women, and the Chief Purchasing Officers of their homes. EcoMom is a test bed for eco products, offering mothers the opportunity to purchase high-quality, eco-friendly products that may not be available at retail stores. A vetting process backed by real moms, dads, doctors, scientists and research organizations, EcoMom ensures moms that their purchases are good for their families and good for our world.
    (Published Monday, Dec. 27, 2010)

    The company is growing so fast, they'll soon be moving to a larger space in Santa Monica.

    The website is an online store with a focus on eco-safe and eco-friendly products that range from baby food to diapers to toys.  Blakeney's team of now seven check out each product, makes sure they measure up to U-S and European standards, and give the site's seal of approval.

    "They know that a team investigated each product and determined its the right products."

    Mommy bloggers have become some if the site's biggest fans.  Posting videos on Youtube, bloggers say the site makes it easy for a busy mom to buy the "right things" with a "one stop shop" approach.

    These bloggers believe in the site and it's mission.

    "EcoMom is like feel good, housekeeping," said Tyresha, a youtube blogger. "It guarantees that the items I buy are the safest for my family."

    The bloggers have help the site build an online community of moms that give the site some web cred and helps mom connect on finding products they've used and trust.

    "It has been a source for me to find products that are eco-friendly and organic," said Lara, Mamadrama blogger. "I found it's a website and a company that I can trust."